Spectrum Digital Education Grants

Spectrum provides grants to nonprofit
organizations that are in communities we serve.

Selection Criteria

The Spectrum Digital Education Grant Program Selection Committee will use the following criteria in evaluating completed, eligible applications:

  • How is the program compelling, captivating or unique?
  • To what extent does the program address community needs, with a focus on the digital divide?
  • Does the program partner with the community or any government entities?
  • Does the program support families or seniors in underrepresented urban and/or rural communities?
  • Based on the proposed budget, is it financially feasible that the program will accomplish its goals at the conclusion of the one-year period?
  • How does the program have a lasting, meaningful and tangible impact?
  • Is there data to illustrate the program’s impact? Can the organization report those metrics to Spectrum?
  • For the 2018 grant cycle, each applicant’s organization must include how they will communicate Spectrum’s low-cost broadband option, Spectrum Internet Assist to their constituent groups.